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Glasgow, Scotland - Last tour - 24 August 2003

Posted by Edmond on Tuesday, December 23, 2003 · Comments (1)

Final hours in Glasgow before heading off back to London from Kelvingrove Park, the University of Glasgow, the SECC and back to the city centre to visit Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis. Not to mention the fact that it was one of the sunniest days I have ever encountered in Scotland.


I had to wait for a late afternoon flight back to London. Starting the tour early from my abode in Park Circus, I walked down the windy path through Kelvingrove Park towards the University of Glasgow. However, it took some time to find the main entrance to the University and although it was closed, it was still possible to explore the main quadrangle and main passageway that divides the building from the chapel.

With the Uni finished, I made the long walk down to the SECC and Science centre, passing the huge Kelvingrove Art Gallery (closed until 2006). Other than the modern sleek lines of the SECC, the tall ship (admission charge) and the strange thin tower of the Science centre, there was not really much to see here, so I made tracks for the nearest SPT Underground in Kinning Park to get back to the city centre.

The current plan was to get to Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis, which ended up to be another long walk up a gentle slope from Buchanan St. Not to mention it was getting hot and busy in Glasgow (yes it was hot!). Think it was busy because there was some music festival in Glasgow Green. Nevertheless, the cathedral was had to be the most magnificent building in the city, and the Necropolis had the most marvellous views of Glasgow.

I eventually finished Glasgow by walking down towards the Toll booth, indicated by the thin clocktower on the High Street. History has it that this is where the citizens paid some sort of tax (someone please confirm this on the feedback form). In the end, I did the usual thing and disappeared through the crowded streets and made my way back to the airport.


Canon EOS 300V for all film shots. Canon A20 Powershot for all digital shots.

Edmond, 2002