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Salzburg, Austria - Run to the Water - 10 August 2003

Posted by Edmond on Friday, November 21, 2003 · Comments (0)

I admit I'm a sucker of using entry titles from pop songs - this one is from Live's "Distance to Here". Seeking refuge from the intense heatwave, I spent a few hours cooling off at Hellbrunn Palace on my return from Vienna. However, the trip, and the approaching storm, was not enough to keep the mercury from rising in Salzburg.


Another hot one in Salzburg, so I headed straight for the next bus to Hellbrunn Palace, home of the "Trick Fountains". Just a bit of background - the fountains were a sort of amusement set up by the Archbishop Markus Sittikus where invited guests were tricked into getting soaked by the spring water that sprays from various places. I managed to avoid getting wet, but also managed to bottle up some of the spring water once the fountains had ceased its playful antics.

With the fun and joy of the trick fountains, it was almost easy to overlook Hellbrunn Palace and the museum that overlooks the palace gardens. Overall, the whole place draws its inspiration from nature, from the paintings of the animals of the "New World" during the Renaissance, to the palace gardens.

Later in the afternoon on my return, Salzburg had received a dumping of rain from a passing storm. Unfortunately, it did not last long enough, so it looks like I was in for another warm and humid evening at the festival.

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Canon A20 Powershot for digital shots. Canon EOS 300V with Fuji 100 Reala film.


Hellbrunn Palace - official site

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