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Vienna, Austria - Taking it easy - 9 August 2003

Posted by Edmond on Friday, November 14, 2003 · Comments (0)

With the high heat and humidity of the day, I felt it was more appropriate to settle down at the Rathaus and watch anything that was showing at the big screen. However, I did have some time going around the area before the sun went down.


One of the things that surprised me on my way back to the city hall was spotting a bicycle rack near the old church. In fact, it was actually a service-service bike rental station. where you put your card in a terminal and ride off with the bike of your choice. Unfortunately, I could not read German or Austrian, so I was unable to try out this service.

After a quick tram trip, I arrived at the City hall, and the place was packed. All the seats were taken so I had to on the ground. Although the introduction was done in German, I worked out that would be watching some sort of opera. I watched the big screen for another hour calling it the day.


Canon EOS 300V with 28-90 and 75-300mm lenses. Fuji Reala 100 and NPH 400

Edmond, 2002