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Salzburg, Austria - Film Festivals - 7 August 2003

Posted by Edmond on Friday, October 17, 2003 · Comments (0)

Sunset in Salzburg to the commencement of the film festival night in Residenzplatz. I didn't plan my trip around the film festival, so I was pleasantly surprised at the hive of activity happening around the big screen in Residenzplatz after my long climb to the Kapuzinerberg.


In my opinion, Kapuzinerberg offers the best views of Salzburg. However, the road to the top is hard to find (it is hidden in a small side street off Linzer Gasse) and the road is quite steep - if your very fit (like me!) you could get to the top in about 5-10 minutes. Nevertheless, the sights of the Old Town, Fortress and Nonnberg were well worth it. Furthermore, the surrounding mountains of Salzburgerland can be seen from various viewpoints around this mountain.

I walked back to the Old Town just as the sun was going to set. Already there was a buzz of activity around the Residenzplatz, but I decided to take photos around Residenzplatz and the Salzach River instead of viewing the play on the screen. However, I promised myself that I will soak up the festival atmosphere upon my return to Salzburg a couple of days later.

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Canon A20 Powershot for digital shots. Canon EOS 300V SLR with Fuji 400 NPH film. Most night shots taken up to 2 seconds.


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