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Berlin, Germany - Last Night - 20 July 2003

Posted by Edmond on Saturday, October 11, 2003 · Comments (0)

I spent most of my time wandering around Brandenburg Gate, the area around New Synagogue before finally finishing up at the Berlin Dome. While the gate was yet again filled with tourists, I found that the New Synagogue had a more lively, or perhaps rowdy, atmosphere with the clubs and discos nearby. Like the night before, nightfall was one long wait.


After a quick dinner and a short return to my hostel. I went back out for a quick night tour of Berlin from the Brandenburg Gate. Although it was 9pm, the last glimmer of sunlight could still be seen from the horizon which was quite a surprise. There were also still the usual crowds of tourists present in the area.

I made another trip on the S-bahn to Hackescher Markt to take a look at the nightlife that Berlin has to offer. However, it was quite a long walk before I reached the New Synagogue and the nightlife districut a few blocks down. Nevertheless there were lots of people soaking up the atmosphere near the bridge that links the area to the Museum Quarter. Would have looked a lot better if the museum was not under renovation.

The final destination was Berlin Dome, or the back of it. Thought about going over the bridge across to the Dome, but the night was getting dark and there was no street lighting. With tiredness setting in, I decided to call it a day and hopefully finish off the rest of Berlin before my late evening flight back to London.

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Canon EOS 300V and Canon A20 Powershot for the digital shots.

Edmond, 2002