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Berlin, Germany - Checkpoint - 20 July 2003

Posted by Edmond on Thursday, October 2, 2003 · Comments (0)

After the long and tiring day trip in the Brandenburg Capital, I still found time to do a quick round of Berlin. Continuing from where I left off the day before and with the aid of the U-Bahn, I made a round trip from Potsdamer Platz, the famous Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie. Timing was the essence as I did the sightseeing and changed from one metro line to the other before dusk settled in Berlin.


On my arrival back to Berlin, I went west towards Potsdamer Platz to take a look at the Sony Center. Unlike the eastern part of Berlin, Potsdamer Platz looks more modern, although it still has its fair share of run-down apartments. But probably the most interesting part is looking up to the huge sails stretching from the center of the Sony Center roof. It almost appears as though the whole building could be floating high in the sky!

About 10 minutes later after a trip on the metro, I was at the famous Brandenberg Gate. A monument that had been through many upheavals, such as the cold war and the falling of communism, tourists everywhere now flock to the gate to get their photos taken. However, since daylight was quickly fading, I decided to rush off again through the metro to see Checkpoint Charlie and perhaps come back later to see the gate illuminated in the night.

When I arrived at Checkpoint Charlie, it was already getting quite dark. However, this did not seem to deter tourists who had to climb all over the wooden structure just to get their photos taken. At the former checkpoint, a large sign with a photo of a man in Soviet and US uniforms were posted on either side, thus depicting where the boundaries lay. And when tourist disappeared, I took the chance to read the commentary posted at the checkpoint and take a good look inside the hut. However, it was getting late so I decided to finish off for the day and grab some dinner.


Canon EOS 300V and Canon A20 Powershot for digital shots.

Edmond, 2002