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Warwick, England - Warwick Castle - 28 June 2003

Posted by Edmond on Thursday, July 31, 2003 · Comments (0)

Right in the heart of Warwick and the Avon River is Warwick Castle. Along with the great views of the river and countryside from the various towers, there were quite a number of events taking place at the castle that seemed to appeal more to the youngsters. But the majority of visitors preferred to lounge and tan themselves around the banks of the river.


After nearly two hours on the train, I finally arrived at the peaceful town of Warwick. And, soon enough, I found myself at the stable/entrance to Warwick Castle after a case of just following the signs and waited with the other tourists until we could be let.

Although large and imposing, Warwick castle seemed to lack the elegance of the more well-known castles of England such as Windsor Castle or the character of the Tower of London. However, the views of the countryside and rivers from the two highest towers (the Guy and Caesar's Tower) as well as the Mound more than makes up for this. The wide open spaces around the castle also have allowed the establishment of the Victoria Rose and Peacock Gardens.

The best feature of Warwick Castle is the River Avon. From the millhouse and weir, I must have walked for ages down the river and past the car park just looking at how clear and peaceful the water was. And along the river, there was life springing up everywhere, from a family of ducks and swans guarding their young, to juvenile geese learning how to fly as preparation for their winter migration. And at ground level, dragonflies hovered around the river bank. If there was one thing that sets this castle apart from the others, it must be this river - this provider of life.


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Edmond, 2002