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Edinburgh, Scotland - Evening mist - 22 June 2003

Posted by Edmond on Sunday, July 27, 2003 · Comments (0)

Return trip back to Edinburgh for Hollyrood Park and Arthur's Seat. The fog that had enveloped the city in the morning had now returned once more. Also spent the evening wandering around Edinburgh Castle and Princes St Gardens.


Arriving into Edinburgh by train seems to generate positive vibes, with Calton Hill, Edinburgh Castle and Castle Hill appearing right through our windows. Although it was late afternoon, it still felt that there was still more of the day to come.

Thus, I spent the last half an hour making my way to Hollyrood Park. The sun managed to creep in, but could not hold its light when I finally got to the highest point on the path an hour later. By this time, much of Edinburgh was embraced in mist. While the view of Edinburgh looked unclear, it certainly made the city look more mystical, with the highest points, spires and monuments popping up through the fog.

As usual, night arrived late in Edinburgh. There was a hive activity around George Street, where most of the restaurants, cinemas, clubs and pubs can be found. Using Edinburgh castle as a reference point, I made my way back to Princes St and finally back to the hip joint of Grassmarket to retire at the hostel.


Canon EOS 300V, with 28-90mm and 75-300mm USM lenses. Fuji NPH 400 film.

Edmond, 2002