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Trummelbach Falls, Switzerland - Wild water - 19th April 2003

Posted by Edmond on Thursday, May 1, 2003 · Comments (1)

Stopover at Trummelbach Falls, a unique series of waterfalls inside the mountainside under the Jungfrau. Arriving by bus from Lauterbrunnen, we start at the top of the falls and work our way back down to the bottom, following the icy water down the mountainside.


Located between the Schilthornbahn and Lauterbrunnen is the unique area of Trummelbach falls, the main flow of glacial water that runs down from the Jungfrau during the warmer months. Unique in a sense that all the waterfalls are carved into the mountainside. We were first taken up a lift near the top of the waterfall, before we were left to our own devices in exploring the waterfall complex. A map outside the lift directed me to a dark and misty tunnel, and the sound of rushing water.

Although the waterfalls were shrouded in darkness, a ray of light did poke through a small gap at the very top waterfall, the only access to the outside world. With mist from the falls rising to the top, it appeared like I was in a mystical setting for a fairy tale.

I made tracks back to the bottom of the falls, realising that many of the falls were starting to find themselves to the outside world. Probably the most interesting out of all these are the Corkscrew waterfall, a remarkable moving mass of water that seems to loop around itself and evidence that everywhere I go, there are always strange and beautiful things all over the Jungfrau region.


Canon EOS 300V 28-90mm USM lense. Kodak Portra NC and Ultra 400 film. Ball-head attachment used as a tripod for most of the long exposure waterfall shots. Canon A20 Powershot Digital camera.


Trummelbach falls - official site

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