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Grindelwald, Switzerland - Mountains in the night - 18th April 2003

Posted by Edmond on Tuesday, April 29, 2003 · Comments (0)

Grindelwald from late sunset to the evening. Backtracking back to the path up the Eiger to take a glimpse of Grindelwald and the surrounding mountains at nightfall.


After having an early dinner, I traced my steps back to where I was this afternoon. Since it was dark, I only went half the way up, but still managed to get a fairly decent view of Grindelwald. Furthermore, the setting sun had cast a reddish glow around the Schreckhorn and Eiger. Some clouds had gathered around the mountains, which were subsequently sliced by the mountains like a knife through butter.

Due to the lack of lighting, finding my way through the darkness was quite hard, even though the area was mainly fields. Thus I did not stay for long, and besides, I was planning to wake up early on Saturday for more sightseeing and hiking.


Canon EOS 300V with 28-90mm USM and a compact tripod with a ball head. Kodak Portra NC ISO 400 film.

Edmond, 2002