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London, England - Spring Life - 30th March 2003

Posted by Edmond on Tuesday, April 1, 2003 · Comments (0)

Spring at Kew Gardens in the greater west of London. Although Kew Gardens holds a number of events to celebrate Spring in March and April, the eruption of blossoms and daffodils and the abundance of birds making the most of the warmer season are the main highlights at the gardens and probably the most memorable moment of Spring I have of London.


Not surprisingly, there were long lines at the main ticket gates of Kew Gardens, but the wait was well worth it. All over the gardens, Blossoms and Magnolias flowered on trees which once stood bare and naked throughout the cold winter months. Daffodils have also started to flower, but those around the Broad walk were unfortunately starting to die out.

The warmer spring weather had also encouraged most of the wildlife to come out and feed. The conservation area north of the park was one of the memorable places to see birds of all types, from pheasants, tits, robins and even parrakeets, feeding at the bird feeders. And, all around the park, people were relaxing and lying down in the park, soaking up the sun. The relaxing atmosphere seemed to rub on myself, and I too lay down on the grass.

One of the appeals of Kew Gardens is its ever-changing landscape where plants and trees live and develop according to the seasons. As I looked around, there were plants already coming to the end of their flowering period. However, some plants were already beginning to flower, or would flower in the next few weeks. Maybe I'll make another visit to Kew Gardens in the next month...


Canon EOS 300V with 28-90mm and 75-300mm USM lenses. Kodak ISO 200 film, of which I have an endless supply that needed to be used up.


Kew Gardens
UK Safari

Edmond, 2002